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If you’re suffering from alcoholic addiction, you may feel powerless to quit drinking on your own. Professional alcoholism treatment is typically necessary to get sober and stay that way. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that willpower is rarely ever sufficient for overcoming alcoholism.

The Benefits of Alcoholism Treatment

Through alcoholism treatment, it is possible to deal with the physical dependence on alcohol as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual factors that play a role in addiction.

Alcoholism treatment allows you to begin to understand what led you to drink in the first place. Past traumas can be explored, mental illnesses can be treated and you have the chance to explore the attitudes and beliefs that contributed to your problem. You’ll also receive the tools that you need to avoid triggers and manage cravings and stress to help you remain sober in the future.

Features of Alcoholism Treatment

Treatment for alcoholism addiction must be individualized to successfully address the unique needs of each person in recovery, but the overall process of treatment is largely the same from person to person.

Initially, the focus of treatment is on dealing with physical dependence. Natural remedies and prescription medications may be used to curb the symptoms of withdrawal while your body adjusts to functioning without alcohol in your system. A medical team supervises this process, which is known as detox.

With a holistic approach to treatment, detoxification is followed by a well-­rounded program that combines a number of different elements to address the aspects of addiction that lie beyond the physical. Group and individual therapy sessions are very common, but you may also receive alternative treatments like biofeedback and art therapy to complement the effects of traditional interventions. If needed, assistance with education, legal problems and other aspects of living may be provided.

Roughly 40 to 60 percent of people who complete alcoholism treatment will relapse, and the final stages of recovery seek to minimize the risk of this occurring. You’ll receive an aftercare plan and be given tools and resources to help you resist the urge to drink in the future.

If relapse does occur, it does not mean that alcoholism treatment has failed. A re­-entry into treatment provides those with relapse with an opportunity to learn from the past and to strengthen the skills needed to maintain lasting sobriety.

Holistic Alcoholism Treatment in Toledo, OH

At, we develop holistic, individual treatment plans for alcoholics who are ready to break free of the cycle of addiction. Using a combination of traditional and complementary interventions, we help those with alcohol addiction with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the disease in a luxurious residential environment that is conducive to recovery.

Drug Detox Centers Toledo allows alcoholics to feel safe, supported and comfortable throughout every stage of treatment and develops aftercare plans that discourage relapse and provide actionable steps to take should relapse occur.

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