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Drug addiction is a disease that has a major impact on the body, mind and spirit, but treatment is possible through drug addiction rehab. Both the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse promote the use of a holistic approach to drug addiction rehab that focuses equally on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of drug addiction in a positive, professional environment, and that is precisely the approach taken at Drug Detox Centers Toledo.

Understanding Dependence and Addiction

Drug addiction rehab focuses on both physical dependence and addiction, as the two go hand in hand. Typically, drug addiction rehab focuses on physical dependence on drugs. Dependence is the physical need to use a drug on a regular basis to avoid symptoms of withdrawal. Through detoxification, it is possible to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and rid the body of all traces of drugs to treat physical dependence.

Overall addiction is bigger than just physical dependence. It also includes the mental, emotional and spiritual factors that lead a person to abuse drugs. After detoxification is complete, drug rehab focuses on the other aspects of addiction, allowing people to prepare for a safe and healthy life free of drugs once treatment is complete.

What’s Involved With Drug Rehab?

Once physical dependence has been addressed through detoxification, those in drug rehab often work to uncover the underlying causes of disease. Professional treatment centers may employ an array of therapies to help individuals explore what led them to abuse drugs in the first place. Whether it was trauma, stress, mental illness, poor self­esteem or a combination of issues, the root causes can be uncovered through individual and group therapies.

Those in treatment are provided with a safe environment where they can feel secure exploring the past. Both traditional interventions like cognitive-behavioral therapy and well-researched alternative interventions like biofeedback and music therapy may be employed as a part of
treatment plans.

Effective rehabilitation for drug abuse must prepare people for the future while helping them move forward from their pasts. Rehab provides tools and strategies that can be used to abstain from drugs in the future. An aftercare plan that includes peer support and continued mental and medical health care is also put in place to help individuals remain clean and sober once their time
in rehab ends.

Drug Rehab at Drug Detox Centers Toledo

At drugdetoxcenterstoledo.com, we take an individualized, holistic approach to rehab that focuses on each person’s specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Care is administered by a team of experienced professionals at our luxurious facility in Toledo, Ohio.

Drug Detox Centers Toledo offers an environment that feels as safe and comfortable as home but without the distractions and triggers that are encountered during daily life. By combining an array of treatment methods, we prepare individuals to return to their everyday routines feeling hopeful, empowered and ready to enjoy a higher quality of life free of drugs.

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