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The Drug Policy Alliance reports that 11 million Americans have used methamphetamine or meth at least one time over the course of their lives. While a crackdown on the manufacturing and sale of this illegal, dangerous drug has led to a decrease in use in recent years, meth addiction remains a serious problem. For those suffering from meth addiction, the physical and emotional effects of the drug can be devastating, but there is help available to deal with the disease.

What Is Meth and What Does It Do?

Meth is a stimulant drug that causes levels of a brain chemical called dopamine to sharply rise. Often, people begin using meth because they like the energized feeling of euphoria that it gives, but over time, they develop meth addiction, or the inability to stop using the drug despite its consequences.

Over time, meth addiction and abuse can cause many serious medical problems, including:

. Mental health problems like depression and anxiety

. Permanent organ damage

. Skin sores and infections

. Severe tooth decay called meth mouth

Steps to Meth Addiction Treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recommends a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment that focuses on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each individual seeking treatment. While each person’s specific treatment experience should be custom-tailored to him or her, most meth addiction rehab programs include:

Medical Detox. At the start of treatment, methamphetamine is eliminated from the person’s body under the supervision of medical professionals. Symptoms of withdrawal like insomnia and depression are addressed with natural remedies and clinical interventions.

Treatment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that medical detox can be effective for addressing a person’s physical dependence on drugs but is not usually sufficient to ensure long-term recovery on its own. Effective rehab programs typically transition the addict to a treatment program for the other elements of addiction. Through a variety of therapies and interventions, the individual works to understand why he or she used meth and to develop skills for avoiding drug use in the future.

Aftercare. As the final stage of treatment, the recovering addict receives an aftercare plan to follow outside of rehab. The plan may include support groups, continued therapy and assistance with legal, housing or vocational needs.

Help for Meth Addiction in Toledo, OH

At, we provide drug rehabilitation treatment that can put a stop to the cycle of methamphetamine abuse. Our approach is holistic and highly individualized, focusing on the specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each person who comes to Toledo, Ohio for treatment.

Every step of detox and treatment is performed in a center that offers the comforts of home and has the look and feel of a peaceful, attractive luxury residence rather than a sterile medical facility. After detox is complete, those in recovery leave treatment with aftercare plans to help them continue to abstain from meth abuse as they return to their everyday lives.

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