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When people try to give up using substances on their own, alcohol and drug withdrawalsymptoms often send them right back to their old behaviors. Alcohol and drug withdrawal is the set of unpleasant physical sensations and emotions that a person who is addicted to a substance experiences when they stop using it or greatly reduce their intake. The good news is that there is help for alcohol and drug withdrawal available for those who are ready to break free of addiction.

Why Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Happens

When a person consistently uses drugs or alcohol, the mind is impacted greatly. To compensate for the changes that take place due to alcohol and drug abuse, the mind modifies its own functioning and begins to require the substance to continue to work in that way. This is known as
physical dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Should a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol just stop using or drinking, the brain has to revert to the way that it functioned before. As it quickly changes back to its present functioning, withdrawal symptoms develop.

Medical Detox for Easing Withdrawal (419) 299-4060

Medical detox is a process of eliminating drugs and alcohol from the body rapidly while managing the symptoms of withdrawal through natural remedies and prescription medications. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration advises that medical detox
should only be performed in a setting where a medical team can closely supervise the process and ensure the complete safety of the addict or alcoholic. In other words, it’s not safe to try and detox at home in order to treat drug or alcohol addiction.

Different substances cause different symptoms of withdrawal, and a person’s health and well-being can also impact what they experience during detoxification. As a result, medical detox teams develop individual treatment plans for every person in their care. The plan is created on the basis of information gained during an evaluation at the beginning of detox. During the evaluation, those entering addiction treatment usually undergo a physical and an interview. A complete drug and alcohol blood and urine screening is usually performed, and there may be
other assessments administered before detox begins.

An Important First Step

While medical detox is highly effective at treating physical dependence and alleviating symptoms of withdrawal, the National Institute on Drug Abuse warns that detoxification is rarely ever effective at promoting long­term recovery on its own. That’s why at, we complete medical detox with a transition to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction that addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the disease.

In our luxuriously­-appointed facility in Toledo, Ohio, we use a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment that starts with medical detox using proven natural remedies, moves to traditional and complementary interventions for addiction treatment and finishes with an aftercare plan that guides individuals as they return to everyday life.

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