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Substance abuse results in numerous changes to the mind and body, and physical dependence is a common feature of addiction. For recovery to occur, it’s necessary to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol, but many people find it difficult to do so due to symptoms of withdrawal that occur when substance use stops suddenly. Medical detox helps people dealing with addiction move through physical dependence and get prepared for the next stages of treatment.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is the process of eliminating drugs and alcohol from the body under the supervision of a highly trained medical team. Through the use of various interventions, medical detox provides relief from withdrawal symptoms, making it possible for those undergoing treatment to give up drug and alcohol use entirely. The detoxification process is geared toward addressing the physical aspect of addiction and can help ready a person to focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual components of the disease.

What’s Involved in Medical Detox

Each person enters detoxification with their own unique history and experiences, making it impossible for providers to use a single set of interventions for medical detox. Instead, care is focused on the individual with remedies selected based on a number of factors, including what substances a person is addicted to, how heavily he or she used drugs and alcohol and what their current state of mental and physical health is.

While the specific approach to detox varies, everyone who undergoes the process will proceed through three steps:

  1. Evaluation. Detox begins with a thorough evaluation of the individual’s current mental and physical health through interviews, physical examinations and a complete drug and alcohol screening. From the information gained, the team develops the detoxification plan.


  1. Stabilization. The stabilization phase is when remedies are actively used to reduce symptoms of withdrawal. Great care is taken to minimize discomfort and help the individual move through the process as easily as possibly.


  1. Transition. During the final stage of detox, the individual is readied for the next stages of recovery, during which the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction are explored and addressed.

A Unique Approach to Detoxification

At, we provide medical detox using a unique approach that has been proven to benefit individuals faced with addiction to drugs and alcohol. We focus on the use of natural remedies for withdrawal symptoms rather than simply replacing the use of one substance with another and develop customized detoxification plans for every individual.

Detox at Drug Detox Centers Toledo takes place in a luxurious residential setting rather than a hospital or a clinic environment. Our attentive, expert team attends to every need throughout the process, seeking to promote emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, not just physical health throughout the process. We foster an environment where those in the midst of medical detox feel safe, secure and comfortable, so that they can complete the phases in the best frame of mind to continue on with treatment.

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